Sep 20

Exterior Makeover! Vinyl Siding

With the re-sale housing market is a slump, more than ever it is important for the home seller to consider a visual upgrade that will make their home stand out above the rest.

In this article we will explore the many architectural options available with exterior vinyl sidings.

Are you aware that vinyl siding has long been financially competitive as an option to exterior painting makeovers? Also, vinyl can be installed over existing surfaces, trimmed around windows, doors, and ornament.

Another super plus when installing vinyl, is the opportunity to install safe, efficient insulation board over the existing exterior of your home, yet underneath the new vinyl siding.  This will increase the energy rating of your homes perimeter insulation, saving you from higher heating costs in winter, and providing you with lower cooling bills in summer.

Several years ago, vinyl was pretty much artistically challenged. Offering basic color shades and widths that copied former architectural styles generated by aluminum siding from years gone by.  That has all changed now.  Today vinyl is available in every color and tone imaginable.  Antique aged, weathered, even textural to mimic real rough sawn siding, vinyl is an eye pleaser, and no longer considered to have an artificial ‘plastic’ look.  As a matter of fact, many vinyl products on the market today are not visually discernible from their organic counterparts, even right up close!

From a design perspective, vinyl siding can accommodate just about any architectural theme.  Vinyl is available in architectural themes ranging from the traditional, horizontal battens of the New England Cape, to the novelty shaped shingles of Victorian’ Painted Ladies’ homes of San Francisco.

Exterior home painting has been a good and logical economic choice for many.  Painting will provide you with an instant makeover, can be cost effective, and for some architectural themes, stucco and plaster facades, painting is part of the design theme and is required.

However, for homes that may have been originally sided with wood siding, where the wood may have deteriorated over time.  Or aluminum siding that has sustained damage, and is misshapen. Or brick and concrete exteriors that have simply gone out of fashion.  Vinyl is a great makeover choice.

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