Dec 18

Elegance On A Budget

Small home improvements, although modest on the budget, can often make a big difference in the quality of your home’s environment, and actually increase the value and equity of your home.

Sadly, many older homes today are still void of proper bathroom ventilation, heating and lighting. Have you ever experienced getting out of the shower only to find the entire bathroom in a London fog?  How about awaking the entire household as you ‘squeaky’ clean the mirror so you see yourself!  Hey, and let’s not forget that it’s the coldest room in the house, and never bright enough.

Why deal with this stuff when you can have a proper bathroom exhaust fan, with an electric fan/ heating option, and overhead ceiling light all in one unit installed by a Handyman Headquarters Contractor?

Not only are there dozens of architectural designs available on the market today which are readily available at your local home improvement store, but they are inexpensive!  So why wait for the simple pleasure of a proper bathroom environment?  Go to Handyman Headquarters and contact a home improvement Contractor, local to your area, who is ready and available to come out and make that household improvement!

You can actually have a beautiful bathroom replacement fixture that meets all your needs installed in less than an hour in most cases.  You can purchase the unit yourself, shop and order online, or have your Contractor make their best recommendation and supply the fixture for you.  You can trust Handyman Headquarter Contractors to meet your design schedule, and budget needs, every time.

Another simple and modest home improvement is the installation of overhead lighting fixtures that will add a dynamic touch of architecture, and better illuminate every room in the house, including the closets!  You can have elegance on a budget!

If you’ve every struggled through the dark recesses of your bedroom closet searching in vain for that elusive pair of shoes, struggle no more.  Simple to install, easy on the pocket book, and beautiful by design, florescent ceiling and wall lighting fixtures are a simple and modest enhancement with huge returns for personal satisfaction.  With the new ‘Green’ lighting technologies these fixtures will pay for themselves over and over again as you get many years of continuous service without bulb replacement.  Never struggle searching in the dark again, go to http://www.mylaborjob.com/ and get started!

How about adding some romantic, classic ambiance to your dining area?  Not only can you find a stunning overhead lighting fixture with a modest budget, but you can add dimmer switches which will allow you freedom to adjust the room lighting for special events, and intimate gatherings.

If you struggle with poor task lighting in the kitchen, office, or workshop, squint your eyes no more!  Overhead and directional lighting fixture options are abundant in designer styles.  Replacing older inefficient, worn out lighting fixtures is a snap with Handyman Headquarters.

Why not let your Handyman Headquarters Contractor evaluate all your lighting fixture needs?  Simple, modest home improvements are just a click away. Just imagine the possibilities!


Play it safe, search local home improvement experts now at  myLaborJOB.com.  Here you will find a local, qualified, experienced professional to help you with your home improvement project.

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