Nov 09

Custom Bifold Doors: A unique solution for utilising space in your home

With the economic climate remaining tough, homeowners are looking more than ever at how to best utilise the space available in their homes rather than moving to a new property. Many people focus on the internal environment: painting walls, buying furniture and changing the layout. However, this neglects one of the most versatile and trans-formative options available for those looking to improve their surroundings: custom bifold doors.

Interior designers have long taken advantage of bifold doors to help create a more effective living space and bring light into a property, and this same technique can be achieved by your average homeowner through purchasing either a pre-made or bespoke door. This short article focuses on three key benefits of choosing a custom bifold door design over the pre-made option.

Unique solutions for unique lifestyles

Bifold doors can have different applications for different homes. For instance, one of the most widely applied uses is to merge outdoor and indoor spaces, though the best solution can differ widely depending on the spaces in question.

For instance, a property with a small patio area backing onto a kitchen would require a different installation to one with a rear lounge backed onto a lawn.  A custom bifold door design allows for environment specific factors to be taken into account, such as the size and accessibility of the space the door opens onto and the amount of extra light desired for the internal room.

Complete flexibility

Bifold doors are a bold design statement and can transform the room they are connected to. Their installation is about far more than simply choosing the colour and size – an accurate fit and composition are also essential.

This is best achieved with a unique design which is bespoke to your own individual environment. Custom bifold doors can be tailored to compensate for important design factors, such as the height of the ceilings and the overall size of the space, in a way which pre-made solutions cannot.

Sensible use of space

A custom installation means a bespoke design process, which brings you into contact with advisers with a wealth of experience in fitting custom bifold doors.  This knowledge is key to a successful outcome, insuring not only a solid fit, but also that the size of the opening and amount of light are appropriate for your individual needs.

This element of consultation is often lost when sticking to a pre-made design and the quality of the finish product can easily suffer as a result.


If you budget allows it, sticking to a custom bifold door installation is the preferred option. It allows for a unique solution tailored around your lifestyle, far more flexibility in integrating it into your interior design needs, and helps to ensure the sensible use of space thanks to the experience of sales consultants.

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