Sep 14

Clothing+Shoes+Organization= Happiness

Nothing could be better than a closet organizational makeover, especially for those shoes! Long gone are the days that the trusted closet pole and hook were all that was needed to accommodate a wardrobe.  Today, closet organizers, systems made to order, custom built-in shelves and factory made, easy to install shelves, cubicles, and racks are as accessible as your nearest home-goods, or do-it-yourself center.

Some of the most popular and cost effective shelving is in the form of vinyl coated wire shelving, racks and hooks. Relatively easy to install, this type if system can do the job, but with little architectural flair, and isn’t necessarily considered an equitable improvement. However, there is something positive to say with regard to air circulation, and durability. But watch out for ‘waffle’ marks on items pressed down on shelves, and cleaning these wire racks can be a hassle.

Pre-finished wood shelving, storage boxes, and clothing racks are next in the series of system up-grades. Pretty to look at, easy to clean, and capable of holding weighty clothing and more; the down side is both difficult installation, and longevity. Typically these materials are manufactured from wooden composites, therefore they tend to chip, dent, and warp over long periods of time. Installation of this type of system will require more than the convenience of dry-wall anchors. You will need to attach brackets directly into the wall studs in order to manage the weight of the shelving system.  The good news is cleaning is never a problem with pre-finished shelving, and custom painting can be achieved with a light surface sanding prior to applying paint.

Full vinyl and solid plastic systems also have a good look, are easy to clean, and very cost effective.   Attractive, easy to handle and install this type of system is best for temporary organization, perfect for renters that need to relocate their storage system with them when they change location. If utilized in a long term setting, this type of system will appear practical, but not add value to your homes equity like a custom built-in system would.

Custom built-in systems take into account every aspect of your wardrobe storage needs. Think of the possibilities… you can customize drawers for folded laundry, have adequate dimensions designed into racks to accommodate pressed shirts and pants, dresses, gowns, suits and jackets. How about custom built racks for ties, and belts? And think of the storage options you can create for the shoes and boots!

Material types, architectural design and finishes are also flexible considerations with custom built-in systems.

So if you are ready to consider a simple, affordable home improvement project that will make your life easier, and increase the value of your home, consider a custom-built closet organizational system.

Not all home improvement contractors have the ‘hands-on’ experience or the design capabilities as those contractors available through Handyman Headquarters. Check it out, and have qualified, experienced, professionals provide guide you through the challenge of organizing your closet storage. Have a Handyman Headquarters contractor provide you with a design plan that will meet all your closet storage needs.  Contact them today!


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