Jul 26

Best Washington State companies from MyLaborJOB customer reviews

Here are the top rated companies for Washington State based on customer provided reviews from the myLaborJOB.com service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. These companies are featured as part of the Best Of Series from myLaborJOB.com.

Best of Washington State


We hired Stephen Group International for security for a VIP event at our home. The level of professionalism of the staff was unprecedented and far surpassed the quality of the security firms we had hired in the past. We will never use any firm but Stephen Group International ever.

Seattle Locksmithing 
Nice and expert guy, great service.

Seattle Locksmith WA 
Getting the job done the first time!

Reeser Tax Defenders 
I am a single mother raising two kids. My ex has been claiming the kids for quite some time. Each year I would have to handle the IRS issues and provide evidence that they are living with me. I am used to the IRS becoming a problem. This past year it happened again and I also found myself due $14,000 for another issue. This business was eventually equipped to eliminate my IRS issues. I was so sick of fighting them on my own. I’d suggest them to anybody who is having IRS tax problems! Way to go!

House Calls Etc Seattle Handyman 
Brian is outstanding at what he does. He gets the job done right the first time around. He has very fair pricing and is just a joy to be around. Real customer service driven guy. I highly recommend him.

Cedar River Lawn Service 
They do awsome work. Try them

Cedar River Lawn Service 
FANTASTIC! My yard has never looked so good!


Congratulations to our Best Of Washington State Companies.

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