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Beauty and the Beam! Finishing wooden ceiling beams

Let’s see, how did that song go…”Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. Beauty and the Beam!” Silly? Not really.  The author, Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published Beauty and the Beast in La jeune américaine, et les contes marins in 1740. The story of Beauty and the Beast marked the stirring emotional contrast of something rough, and textural, against something elegant, soft, and gentle.

Not so surprisingly, good architecture incorporates this very idea.

Rough, naturally textural wooden ceiling beams, set against the smooth, soft, continuous field of a plaster ceiling is a welcome enhancement to homes all across the country.  Ceiling beams have always been considered an architectural asset in homes old and new.

Originally, in years gone by, ceiling beams were actually exposed structural members supporting the upper floors.  However, as time passed by, and building codes determined that ‘joist’ construction was preferred, exposed structural ceiling beams disappeared from the interiors of homes, everywhere.

Something of the past, beams add an historical and romantic feeling to any room interior, and add value to every home that features them.

Ever think about adding ceiling beams to your existing interiors?  It is simpler than you may think, and affordable too!

Wooden beams can be milled to any specification.  Size, and shape flexibility, along with dozens of different woods to choose from allows you to create a significant visual improvement to your home, at minimal cost, with little construction time involved.

Solid wooden beams can be milled on site at your home, and installed in an afternoon!

Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ is the best place to start. Here you will be able to contact professional, skilled craftsmen Contractors who live in your community.  Contractors that will be familiar with the local environment, materials, and architectural fashions that are most popular in your area.  Ready to provide you with examples of their work, along with local references, you can be assured you are making the best hiring decision in a remodeling contractor with Handyman Headquarters.

Finishing wooden ceiling beams can also be completed handily, even prior to installation to save time and commotion.  Beams can be stained, varnished, washed with color, or painted to match or contrast with any interior theme.

Wooden beam textures can be enhanced to become very rough and textural, or smooth and sleek, depending on the wood type selected, and the architectural theme desired.

Additionally, beams can be milled from solid stock, giving you a solid wooden beam, or you can have hollow ‘box’ beams manufactured.

For example, a ‘box’ beam is built of separate board lengths, assembled together creating a hollow box that will save weight, and allow for installation to ceilings that cant take on to much weight.  Box beams can be made from rough textured lumber like Cedar, Redwood, or Pine when a textural surface is desired.  Also, hardwoods such as Ash, Mahogany, or Walnut can be milled into box beams for a smooth sleek look.

For an antique wood texture, sand-blasting the wood surface will bring out the natural wood grain patterns, creating the look and character of aged, antique wood.

Your creative ideas + Handyman Headquarters = endless home improvement possibilities.


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  1. JRibe

    We added beams to our California home and they made a HUGE difference. We almost went with wooden beams but we chose (a href=”http://owtraditions.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=1&Itemid=8>faux beams instead. mylaborjob.com is a great site…thanks!!

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