Jun 02

Be Prepared!

With Hurricane season officially open there is no excuse to not be prepared!  Now is the time to be sure you have the basics on hand in the event of an emergency.  Bottled water, fresh batteries, portable radio, flashlights, blankets, a first aid kit, and an evacuation plan in place just in case!

These are all common sense necessities you should have on hand should sever weather effect you and your family.  But what about preparing a protection plan for your home and property in the event of a sudden natural disaster?  Even if you are not directly affected by a Hurricane, sever weather can cause residual flooding, while falling trees may cause direct damage to your home, in addition to the loss of electricity and phone service.

With recent tornadoes in the mid-west, and New England, and now the potential for hurricanes greater than in past seasons, now might be the right time to contact a home safety specialist!

Where do you find a professional who has knowledge and experience with the design and implementation of home and property safety systems, and disaster preparedness?    Handyman Headquarters!

Just click on http://www.mylaborjob.com/find/ and you can access dozens of Contractor specialists, through a national data-base!  And for locating a Contractor who is located in your area, familiar with the seasonal weather and environmental conditions that may have a direct affect on your community, check out http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ .

Now is the time to get your home and property prepared for the potential of severe weather, so don’t hesitate!  Here are a few home protection ideas you might consider.

In the event of high winds, or abrupt and sudden pressure changes caused by sever weather, windows are most vulnerable.  Protecting your homes windows should be a priority.  Have on hand pre assembled storm doors, or storm panels that can readily be attached to your homes exterior to protect your windows from damage.

Don’t be caught in an endless line of last minute shoppers at your local home improvement center hoping to buy plywood panels to protect your home while the winds are blowing!  Get ahead of the problem with your Handyman Headquarters Contractor!

Your Handyman Headquarters Contractor can provide you with custom built storm doors made to protect the windows and doors of your home.  So why not be prepared with storm doors that are easy to store when not in use, but ready in case of an emergency?  You should have storm doors that are easy and quick to install without damaging your home’s exterior with nails and screws, and the cost to custom build them should be easy on your pocket book!  So why take any more risk?  Contact Handyman Headquarters and have an experienced professional Contractor come over and get started on protecting your home!

Handyman Headquarters can also provide you with professional tree and landscape Contractors that can advise you where to plant, and where to cut back foliage and trees that could become dangerous in high winds.

When it comes to protecting your home from severe weather, have the professionals take care of it. Contact Handyman Headquarters today, and be better prepared!

http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ .



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