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Bathroom Tiles Selection Is the Importation Part of Designing the Overall Theme

Bathroom tiles always add beauty to the interiors of your shower room. You have an option to choose either a big, small, bold, or subtle titles that will best match the interiors or your shower room. The choice of floor tiling must consider aesthetics, sturdiness, safety, waterproofing and should be easy to clean.

You can use one of the tiny mosaics that will help you to easily clean the big bold titles. They help you in easily cleaning the ceramic, glass, or natural stone. Large tiles have few grout lines as well as they make the size of the bathroom appear bigger.

Types of bathroom flooring tiles

  • Ceramic tiles: Ceramic base with glazed surface has been used in bathrooms for years. They are cheaper alternative, when compared to other tiles.
  • Porcelain tiles: Porcelain tiles have limited design to choose from in comparison to natural stones and ceramics. People must select porcelain only if they are not anxious about the high wetness influencing the tiles. Full bodied porcelain and glazed porcelain are the major kind, where glazed porcelain simply has a small glaze coating on top layer of the tile just like icing. Full bodied tile is glossy colored right through. This signifies that if there is a break off or scratch, it is less perceptible.
  • Exotics: Glass, stone and marble tiles along with installing the tiles are both expensive. Laying stone and marble require a skilled stonemason.

Aspects to consider while choosing bathroom tiles

  • Moisture – All the tiling materials are not suitable for high moisture atmosphere in the bathroom. Marble is a natural stone that is awfully sensitive to moisture. Its porous nature traps the moisture from the atmosphere and is apt to crack from humidity. Rationally, laminate flooring is inept to go with bathroom surfaces. The reason is that wet laminate flooring is inclined to be very slippery and can root accidents.
  • Tile size – Size of the tiles is also to be considered. Albeit big tiles are appealing in modern bathroom outlays, they do not work well on your shower floor. The mason will have a difficult task for ensuring efficient drainage. Consequently, if there is some issue, the water will accumulate on bathroom floor. Preferably, the size of the tile must be 12” by 12” approximately. Large tiles are suitable on the walls as they create an illusion of a big bathroom.
  • Tile colors – Colors are capable to affect your mood, and they can make you feel calm or lively. Warm colors like yellow and peach are fun offering a country look to your bathroom décor. Neutral colors like white or beige provide an illustration of a large room and they reflect light. Cool colors are blue violet and green. Bright colors are red and black that absorbs light and makes the place look smaller. These should be used to create a feature wall. Bathrooms having plenty of windows can use dark tiles to balance the natural light.

Some bathroom flooring tile ideas

  • If solid color bathroom tile is selected for the flooring then add bordered tiles of different color. This can create more remarkable bathroom flooring.
  • If you select same color tiles for the floor and walls then choose tiles of different size. Or the wall tiles can be laid vertically or horizontally to cater an interesting visual effect.
  • You can use a colored grout in contrast with the colored tiles. For example, if white tiles are used, you can use grey or dark grout for contrast. Apply sealers to the grout lines in regions, which are to be used heavily. Sealers protect and hold the colored grout.
  • If you have a favorite color say peach then you can add few peach colored tiles to the walls or make use of shapes, borders and textures to make it eye-catching. Select few rows on the walls, where peach colored tiles can be placed diagonally. This too can draw attention to the special feature.
  • Graphics or shapes designed tiles in bright and bold colors with modern styled accessories and fixtures is sure to produce a contemporary looking bathroom.
  • For Victorian or romantic looking bathroom install floral tiles using soft and light colors like blue, pink and green with ceramic sinks and possibly a wooden floor.

Selecting tiles is significant as wrong choice can turn out to be very costly. Re-tiling will seem like starting this project once again. Therefore, take the help of professionals, which is worth in this long-term investment.

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