Sep 03

Asset Secrets Revealed! Astound your neighbors

Homeowners, are you aware of the fantastic opportunity to increase the equity and value of your home by organizing and installing a storage system in your garage?

In this article we will examine some of the latest storage systems, work benches, shelving, and flooring ideas perfect for enhancing both the interior design of your garage, and the value of your home.

Let’s begin with Garage Cabinets.  Available in almost every size and shape, garage cabinet systems are made from differing materials such as wood composites, plastics, and metal.  Wooden cabinets are great for general ‘dry’ storage items, and are excellent for hobby supplies, and tools.  But for flammables, paints varnishes, cleaning compounds, motor oil and fuel canisters, an all metal, fire-safe cabinet is without question the best way to go.  Plastic garage cabinet systems are suitable for general storage, tools, and landscaping supplies.

Garage Cabinet systems may include base and upper cabinets, tall ‘locker’ style cabinets, closet, and fold-away systems, counters and drawer systems all designed to accommodate every item imaginable.  Check out your neighborhood Do-It-Yourself center and surf the Internet for product options.  Or save yourself a boatload of time and energy, and go directly to Handyman Headquarters http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ where you will find qualified, experienced, local Contractors that specialize in Home and Garage storage systems.

Another great project to consider for improving your garage would be enhanced flooring.  There are many material options available starting with durable cement floor coatings, and industrial flooring paints.  Coatings and painted finishes can transform your concrete garage floor into a beautiful, solid color deck so beautiful you may hesitate to park your car on it!

Another great flooring option would be Vinyl flooring, or adhesive vinyl tiles.  Available in textured surfaces, solid opaque colors options, and manufactured to be wear resistant against scratches, surface fatigue, and chemical spills, this can’t be beat!

For the Hobbyist, a well constructed, sturdy work bench is a must.  Subject to your project interests, a proper workbench should be designed with your specific needs in mind.  At Handyman Headquarters you will easily find the storage system professional in your community who is knowledgeable and experienced.  Your local Contractor can steer you toward the most practical and cost effective workshop design suitable for your specific hobby or interest.

Once you have transformed your present day garage into a beautiful, organized, and workable environment, you’ll be tempted to leave the garage door open more often to astound your neighbors!  More importantly, your home will have gained significant equity by the improvement.


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