May 09

Affordable Luxury

When it’s time to take a break, and slow down from the pressures of a busy day, wouldn’t it be nice to unwind and relax in the comfort of your own private Jacuzzi?  Or how about enjoying the steady, endless pulsating steam of a water massage, from multiple shower jets?  Does the luxury of a steam bath or dry sauna seem more like wishful thinking than a reality?  If so, why not consider contacting Handyman Headquarters and make that wishful thinking come true?

Handyman Headquarters Contractors, are local to your community, highly experienced, ready to serve your every home improvement need.  Why not let Handyman Headquarters turn your wishful thinking into reality?  Go to http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/ and get started!

Often, simple home improvement upgrades like the installation of a Jacuzzi tub, new shower massage jets, an ‘endless’ hot water heating system, or the construction of a sauna, or steam bath element, are within the reach of the most modest budget!

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Jacuzzi bath tubs are available in multiple dimensions, designs, and colors.  Available at home improvement supply centers, fiberglass design and construction allows you the flexibility to either replace your existing bathtub with a new Jacuzzi tub, or if you prefer, build out with new construction for a larger system.  Typically the number of Jacuzzi jets and the seating design of the tub will determine the retail price of the unit.  Standard single person tubs are very affordable, and are an easy replacement project for an existing tub. Usually there are minimal plumbing and electrical modifications required, and the work should take one or two days, depending on the scope of your design upgrade.  You might add new ceramic tile or marble surrounds to your new Jacuzzi tub while you remodel!

Shower heads designed to produce a variety of spray and pulsating water applications, are  inexpensive, beautiful by design, and easily installed by your Handyman Headquarters professional.  So be sure to include a new shower head on your wish list!

If you are thinking about something more elaborate, how about adding a steam element to your shower system; and for the luxury of continued hot water use, an ‘endless’ hot water heating system is a must have.

With an ‘endless’ hot water heater, easily installed in an afternoon, you can say goodbye to those sudden unexpected drops in hot water pressure and temperature when you shower or bathe.  An ‘endless’ hot water heater is one simple home improvement that will consistently reward you with comfort, and increase the equity of your home as soon as it is installed!

A dry sauna can be designed to accommodate an existing space, replacing an unused closet, or storage area, and with a few simple modifications by your Handyman Headquarters Contractor, you can enjoy this luxury as often as you like, without any health club membership!

So whether you are considering the luxury of a sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi, or shower enhancement, always consider Handyman Headquarters for the best in professional service, design advice, and expert installation, on time, and on budget.  Why not get started right now?  Go ahead, click! http://www.la-laborjobs.com/handyman/



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