Nov 12

5 Tips For Turning Your Kitchen Into The Centerpiece of Your Life and Home

centerpiece kitchenThe kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s not only the place where food preparation occurs, but it is also a place where people congregate to share news and spend quality time together. You can make your kitchen the most user-friendly room in the house with a few tips that can increase its beauty and convenience, making it a place where your family friends can come together and enjoy each other’s company.


Counter Space

A careful kitchen design will optimize the amount of available counter space in the kitchen, utilizing island surfaces, bar surfaces, and plenty of conventional spaces for food prep. Generous counter space encourages people to linger in the kitchen, doing other tasks while they converse. Children can do homework at the counter, adults can use their computers to catch up on work, and guests can chat while they help with preparing food and beverages. Good counter space helps to make your kitchen the center of your home.


Choosing Cabinets

Homeowners are fortunate in that they can choose from a wide variety of kitchen cabinets options to create the perfect design for their homes. Closed cabinets, glass front cabinets, and a variety of wood tones are available. Traditional Home suggests warm wood tones to make your kitchen feel like a safe and welcoming environment for family members and for guests. Maple, oak, cherry, and walnut are just a few of the options you can choose from to suit your kitchen design plan. Wholesale kitchen cabinets can help you to save money on this important part of your home design scheme.



Good lighting in the kitchen makes it a great place to work and a pleasant area in which to spend time simply catching up on daily events. A range of shapes, colors, and uses are available for homeowners. You can even add things such as under-counter lighting, which allows plenty of illumination for food prep activities. Chandeliers are a traditional and fancy way to bring a warm and homey look to the dining areas. Recessed lighting can also provide good general illumination. The American Lighting Association recommends placing recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room about 30 inches away from walls.



Built in wall storage, island storage cabinets, and pantry areas will give you plenty of room for all of your food and other kitchen items, while freeing up tables and counters for other activities. Cabinet inserts and rotating trays can also help to maximize the amount of space in smaller kitchens. My Home Ideas suggests utilizing a kitchen banquette to provide additional storage for table linens, seasonal items, craft supplies, and children’s games.



Flooring should be comfortable underfoot and easy to maintain. Vinyl tile and ceramic tile are inexpensive choices that are easy to clean and they can last for a long time. You may also want to consider placing wood in your kitchen, but you will need to keep it protected from stains and water damage. This Old House recommends a polyurethane protective coating for wood flooring if that is your preference. You also may want to consider painting your wood floor, which will give it a unique look and a large amount of protection.

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