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4 easy steps to install Solar Panel at your home

Having an alternative source of energy through solar energy is not only an advantage to your home but also contributes in creating a green earth free from chemical pollution. Installation is very important since it determines how much natural energy you are going to tap into your home. Excellent installation means more energy trapping and efficient energy supply in your home. When you do poor installation, the panel plate will not trap enough amount of sunlight and this may give you low amounts of energy.


  • 1. Assemble the parts correctly

Since you buy all the parts separately, you must assemble them together before you do the installation. Assembly of all the components is necessary to give a properly functioning system before you install. First, an insulated wire is used in connecting the DC meter onto the battery’s negative pole. Wrapping of insulated wire on the north terminal gives a firm grip. The same process should be used for the positive pole. Insulated wires are necessary as they prevent shock.


  • 2. Make the perfect connection

When making the connection, you should concentrate on each terminal connection at a time. This prevents electric shock, which can be lethal. The solar panels should be connected in the same way using insulated wires. After connection, you can now look at all inlets and outlets to make sure that the system is functioning perfectly. A drill will come in handy when attaching DC inputs before connecting to the terminal.


  • 3. Connection of Power Inverters

The next step is connection of power inverters into DC inlets. There are different inverters available in the market and most of them are over 2000 watts. AC equipment comes in handy to help you determine the wattage that you need on your inverters. This is necessary to know your energy consumption.



  • 4. Take care of the battery

With the system ready and functioning, you can now mount your panel on top of the roof. It is good to leave your battery charging and within 8 to 10 hrs, your generator now is functioning. When installing the solar panel, it is necessary to look at a suitable location that traps the maximum amount of energy from the sun. You can trap maximum sunlight when you strategically place the panels on the roof. Maximum exposing of the panel surfaces is necessary and the more the surface area exposed, the more the sunlight trapped and in turn the more the energy you will have in your home.


The installation process is simple to follow and as you buy your solar panel, you can get a guide and read through to get more tips for successful installation. Installation determines the amount of energy that you will get from sunlight. If it is your first time to do the installation and you don’t want to make mistakes, you can contact a professional technician to do the installation for you. With competent technician, you will have your panels in place and get the best source of alternative energy.


Eventually, the size of the solar panel determines the amount of energy that you can trap from the sun. With a larger panel surface, you will have more energy compared to small panels.


Author Bio – Amber is a talented writer and blogger who has attained popularity in a short duration due to her incredible writing skills. She has also given information on Multi Surface Cleaning Spray.

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