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3 Problems Around the House You Can Easily and Cheaply Fix Yourself

Problems around the home inevitably occur as items become plugged up, damaged or simply wear out from consistent usage. While items might need some repairs, it does not always mean calling a handyman to fix the issue. Instead, it is possible to fix the problems personally for a much lower price. Personally fixing the problem requires paying for nothing more than the tools while bringing in a professional for these simple problems can cost much more for their time.

Fixing Garbage Disposals

When it comes to the garbage disposal, many feel that the only option is hiring a professional. The truth is that many problems that inevitably arise are easy to fix personally with nothing more than resetting the unit or removing the item blocking the blades from working properly.

Fixing the garbage disposal should only occur after turning off all of the power to the unit. Never remove items blocking the blades until the power is off and not able to come back on. Ideally, turning off the power at the fuse box will ensure it does not come on. At this point, it is possible to take the item out of the disposal. Never put a hand into the disposal; instead, use a spoon or similar item to remove anything preventing the blades from running.

Once the power is back on, press the restart button on the bottom of the unit. The restart button is usually under the sink near the bottom or one of the side of the garbage disposal. This solves most problems relating to the garbage disposal without spending a small fortune on repairs from a professional plumbing service.

Fixing Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet is annoying and a waste of water. Fortunately, it is also easy to fix with a few basic tools found in most toolboxes and does not require spending the high charges of a plumber to fix.

The first step of fixing the leaky faucet is turning off the water supply under the sink and then draining any water in the lines. At this point, the handle is removed with a screwdriver that fits the screw. Start by checking if the metal ring is loose. If so, simply tightening the ring will result in fixing the leak. If it does not tighten, replacing the ring will work as well.

If the ring is tight, remove the internal pieces with a pliers, paying attention to which pieces come out first. Ideally, setting them in order will prevent mixing up the pieces. Replace the o-ring, washers and seals inside the sink and then put all of the pieces back in order. This will usually fix the leak and only takes around ten to 20 minutes.

Fixing Small Holes in a Wall

Holes in the wall are always an annoying problem, but they are easy to fix and do not take much time in most situations. Small holes from nails, pins or even putting a bracket for a TV on the wall only take a few minutes to fill in and repair. When done personally, it will only cost about five to ten dollars.

The smallest holes require nothing more than obtaining the appropriate plaster or drywall premixed patch material and a putty knife. Simply spread the plaster over the hole so the small hole fills in, flatten it as much as possible with the putty knife and allow it 24 hours to dry. Repeat one more time and sand it smooth when it is completely dry.

These projects are easy to complete, take little time and are much less expensive when done personally. Hiring a professional is not necessary when the project is small and simple to manage personally for a much lower price.

Photo credit: DIY Plumbing Project by Dennis Hamilton/flickr

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