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15 Natural Methods to Control your Home Temperature

mylaborjob.com15 Natural Methods to Control your Home Temperature

A large portion of your monthly budget is often dedicated to paying an electricity bill that comes as a result of heating and cooling your home. In the summer months, when the temperature skyrockets, you are left with a bill that reflects what it takes to keep your home bearable. Similarly, in the winter months you find that you are paying a bill that comes as a result of cooler temperatures.  Below are 15 natural methods to control your home temperature that will help you save on your bill during the winter and summer months.



  • Prepare for the season. Don’t let the change of seasons sneak up on you.  Prepare in advance for the seasons by weatherizing your home.
  • Doors and windows should remain shut when temperatures outside are too much to handle.  While there are some times of the year when you want to let the fresh air in, the summer and winter months is not the time.  Keep all of your windows and doors closed. The more you open them, the more difficult it will be to maintain or control the temperature in your home. The goal is to make it where you heating or cooling unit does not have to kick on.
  • Utilize natural light when possible. Natural light is a great way to help control your home temperature. During the day, all natural light in as much as possible, especially if the sun is shining.  Look at natural light as free heating in the winter months.
  • In the cooler months, allow cooking to help control the temperature. Choose to cook more in the winter in an effort to help maintain the temperature in your home.  In the summer, however, you may want to minimize cooking as using the stove often contributes to higher temperatures in your home.
  • Fans will help your home be cooler in the summer. Investing in ceiling fans may not be a bad idea. While most designs won’t add to the stylishness of your home, they can help maintain the temperature. A ceiling fan in each room will allow you to keep the thermostat at a higher temperature during the summer.
  • Reversing the fan will help circulate the heat. Ceiling fans can come in handy in the winter too! Reverse the fan to help move the warm air around that is sitting high in the ceiling.  
  • Choose the right flooring to help control the temperature. Yes! Flooring does matter. In the winter, carpet can help control the temperature. In the summer, wood floors will help cool your home.  
  • Ensure that your thermostat works properly. Perhaps it is time to change out an old thermostat to help control your home’s temperature.
  • Keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees in the winters and 78 degrees during the summer. Avoid fooling with the thermostat.  Try to leave it on the temperatures recommended above.
  • Don’t turn off the heating or cooling when you leave the house. Some people think that turning off the unit will save them money. It actually costs more money to get the temperature back where it needs to be once you are home.
  • Use insulated window treatments. Large window may call for insulated window treatments.  This can keep the hot sun out during the summer and the cold out during the winter.
  • Fix air leaks in your home. Check windows and doors for leaks and fix any problems immediately.
  • Make sure that vents in your home are not clogged or covered up. Vents can sometimes have trash in them.  Be sure that they are not clogged or covered up.
  • Block off areas of the house that you do not use.  If you don’t use that part of the house, why not block it off. Find creative solution to heating and cooling on the part of your home that you use.
  • Is your home properly insulated? As always, insulation plays a key role in how well you can actually maintain your home’s temperature. Ensure that your house is properly insulated.

Use the methods listed above to help control your home temperature and save on your energy bill each month.

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