Mar 27

Stay Safe: Five Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking on the Job

Working at a construction site can be one of the most dangerous occupations anyone can do. Many accidents can and do happen on construction sites annually, but here are five major precautions to keep in mind for safety.Stay Safe Five Safety Precautions You Should Be Taking on the Job

Safe Clothing

Construction workers should have clean and protective clothing, such as those found at www.tecgenselect.com. Protective gear should include high-visibility jackets, goggles, work boots with steel toes, heavy gloves, fire retardant clothing, and helmets (though it can be other items depending on the type of work done at the site). All of these items should remain clean. Goggles should allow for clear vision. Work boots must have steel toes and be wiped clean of mud before entering and exiting machinery. Helmets must be worn properly at all times and be free of weak or broken areas.

Follow Rules

Enter and exit machines with care. Different machines and operators may have different structures; the majority will require steps with handrails. Clean boots will keep down the buildup on the floor that can cause slick conditions while the machine is in-use. Always enter and exit with care, using each provided stair and handrail. Jumping from the machine may cause injury.

Careful Equipment

Use loaders with care. Another frequent cause of on-job injuries occurs when loaders tip over. Make certain the machine is centered when on ramps or other non-straight surfaces. Even level loaders can roll, so use a spotter for guidance. They will also help keep the load from being moved over people – which should never be done – and aid in making sure accidents don’t happen.

Clean Work Area

Keep the working area clear of non-necessary people. Whether it’s a loader, a backhoe, a crane, or any other construction equipment on-site, only the people who need to supervise the activity should be near it. Idle hands and passers-by should be cleared out of the way with barricades and other places to travel or stand. People standing where they shouldn’t be are a liability waiting to happen.

Right Attitude

Check the attitude. If your normal way of thinking is “I won’t get hurt because…” then you are the liability. This type of thinking leads to the accidents that happen on-site. Safety procedures that foremen press for their workers to follow must be taken seriously. Anyone can slip up and cause a catastrophe, even a fatality, but believing yourself to be above doing so can be a sure bet that you will. Perhaps the most important safety rule begins with the worker himself: take every precaution.

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