May 29

Six Helpful Tips For Making Your Resume Stand Out To Employers

Six Helpful Tips For Making Your Resume Stand Out To EmployersOne of the major parts of the job search that many people struggle with is crafting that “perfect resume.” The resume can have a lot to do with whether or not you get the job you want, so it’s imperative that it stands out to employers. These are simple techniques for making your resume stand out from the crowd.


#6: Match the Resume to the Job


First, you will want to make sure that your resume matches to the job that you want. If you’re trying to land a position at a pharmaceutical company, they probably don’t want to know about your experience at a prior fast food job. Additionally, if you’re trying to get a job through Columbus, Ohio temp agencies, the resume can probably be more broad.


#5: Use Readable Format


Make sure your resume can easily be read and scanned. Employ the use of bullet points and short paragraphs if applicable. The document should flow well, and you should be able to jump from point to point without struggle. It shouldn’t be a chore for the employer to find useful or pertinent information on your resume.


#4: Keep it Simple


Keep things simple on your resume. The employer simply wants to know whether or not you’re cut out for the job. Don’t beat around the bush; immediately cut to the chase and show the employer that you’re designed for the position in question.


#3: Put Your Important Points at the Top


This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with crafting a readable and scan-able resume. Place the most relative and attractive information that you think the employer will be most interested in at the top. Again – don’t make the employer have to search for the information that they want.


#2: Keep Your Resume Regularly Updated


Be sure to keep your resume relevant and updated. Any time something happens on the educational or employment front that could benefit your resume, be sure to add it in. Additionally, if your email address or telephone number has changed, make sure you update these areas on the resume as well. The last thing you want is to hand out a resume to several employers with incorrect contact information.


#1: Sell Yourself


Be sure to sell yourself. Don’t just awkwardly list your qualities and skill sets. Sell these qualities about yourself to the employer. Boast your accomplishments and feats in the field that you’re applying for. Those are the exact types of things that employers are looking for after all.

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