May 23

Show You’re Tech Savvy: Five Ways to Demonstrate Tech Abilities on Your Resume


Tech skills are becoming more and more necessary in nearly every workplace. Here are five ways to improve your resume by showing your tech skills.


1.   Link to social media accounts

Anything professional helps, including a Linkedin account, a professional Google+ Page or a Twitter account. Having a professional online presence at all can put you ahead of many applicants, and linking to that on your resume with the top tier of job seekers. The more professional your online presence, the more professional you look in the eyes of potential employers. You also demonstrate your ability to connect with an audience online


2.   Make a keyword-focused list of your technology skills

A prominent list of your skill set tells employers you are keeping up with the industry, and also tells them you are aware of industry trends. Analyze the technology-related keywords within your target job market, and include those keywords in your bullet list. These will stand out on your resume and in search engines.


3.   Put a link to an online portfolio, website, or resume

A website, blog, portfolio, or online resume is another accomplishment that proves you can stand your ground with the top tier of potential employees. Websites are the new online business card, so include articles you’ve written about anything pertaining to your field of study.


4.   Be graphic

When we only had typewriters to work with, fancy formatting was not expected, but when you create your resume with InDesign or MSPublisher, you stand out visually as well as technically. An attractive design also demonstrates a grasp of strong communication skills. Make sure to choose a design that fits visually with your specialization.


5.   Include other technology skills

Including tech skills that are not within the job focus in a less prominent section of your resume highlights your overall tech savvy. It can open hidden doors and add extra conversation time during an interview. Adding extra information gives employers a more well-rounded picture of your skills, your background, and your personality. Do anything you can to add depth to an otherwise flat resume.

Job hunting is one of the worst jobs out there. You can give yourself a better shot of ending the search early through these tips to improve your resume. Information credited to I-Tech Company outdoor kiosk.

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