Nov 15

On The Job: 5 Outdoor Based Jobs You Haven’t Considered Yet

Being cooped up in an office environment is not the dream job for many people. Being outside during the workday can be more exciting. While it may seem difficult to find a job that allows for you to be outdoors most of the day, there are five outdoor based jobs you likely haven’t considered yet.

On The Job- 5 Outdoor Based Jobs You Haven't Considered Yet

1. Tire Maintenance Technician

If you are good at dealing with customers and have an understanding of tires and how to make repairs on them, a tire maintenance technician job might be the right job for you. Oftentimes, experience is not necessary, and you can learn on-the-job. From standard to mud tires, the experience you can gain is exponential.


2. Surveyor

The establishment of property boundaries is an important intricacy, and you can often see them along the roadside at new project developments. To make it even more interesting, the surveyor also gets to assess air space and water limits. The bulk of this job is performed outdoors, and projected job availability is good.


3. Zoo Attendant

The job of the zoo attendant is one that changes on a daily basis, and it will certainly keep you on your toes. Every day poses new challenges and interesting happenings. While the daily humdrum can quickly become monotonous, you will not soon find yourself bored under this job description.


4.Delivery Person

In today’s world where more people are having online purchases delivered, delivery personnel are important. The job is one that takes you to new places every day, and the amount of time spent outdoors is ample. Best of all, you are bringing customers who have waited days for the packages they have been awaiting, so public interaction normally goes smoothly.


5. Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor is an exciting way to work outdoors while having a great time. This job allows you to broaden the minds of the younger generation through your knowledge of the great outdoors. Education requirements vary, and it may be necessary to have a college degree.


Get a Job You Love

No one should have to suffer with a job they do not enjoy, and, when you do a little searching, you don’t have to. Financial advisers will attest that you are able to perform a higher quality of work when you are under preferable work conditions. There are more outdoor based jobs than you may have been aware of.

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