Jul 18

Making Your First Impression at a Job Interview Unforgettable

Making Your First Impression at a Job Interview UnforgettableA job interview that goes well literally can be a life changer we all know how hard it can be to land a sought after job, that can send you down a new path that can improve your life in many ways. This is why it is so critical to make the perfect impression on a job interview. It is common that a person will look great on a resume and possess all the necessary skills for the job, but the interview goes poorly. The result of this would be dismissal from consideration.

Do not let this happen. Follow these four basic tips on how to make a great impression on a job interview.

#4 Smile!

Attitude is everything and a person looking for a job who makes a good, positive, and confident impression when he/she first meets the interviewer will definitely be viewed positively. Confidence and a good attitude can come off as enthusiasm. When someone is enthusiastic on the interview, this can translate into enthusiasm and commitment for the job itself. You can also come off as more likable when your attitude is positive and this is another plus for the job seeker. A mopey, less than enthused attitude, however, will not make the best impression and it certainly will not yield a job offer.


#3 Dress your absolute best and for success.

The way you dress when you go on a job interview will speak volumes about your character and common sense. Seriously, if you are not properly dressed for the job interview, how could you instill any faith in the interviewer about your judgment and your work ethic? On the flip side, when you are dressed professionally, you make a very positive impression. Business attire is a must for both men and women. Men can pick their favorite tie and women can select nice trend corporate scarves. Ultimately, the goal here is to look good and look professional.


#2 Research the company before heading out to the interview.

When you have researched the company, you will be more tuned into the interview and can provide effective answers and even contribute relevant questions. Solid research allows you to be properly prepared for the interview. Shockingly, many prospective job seekers go into the interview knowing very little about the company they are looking for a job with. Their lack of knowledge ends up showing through and sinking their chances of being selected.


#1 Maintain good posture and body language during the interview.

Body language and posture are windows into how you feel. If you are showing interested and attentive body language and posture, this will make a good impression on the job interviewer. Slouching in your chair or not sitting up straight would be examples of bad postures that could undermine your ability to convey a positive vibe to the person conducting the interview.


Making a good impression on a job interview is critical because, unlike in a social setting, you will not get a second chance. Thankfully, the steps to take to make a good impression are very simple. Just stick to the basics and things should work out as best as can be expected.

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