Jul 29

Looking for Job Security? What Careers are on the Rise

The recession has changed the job market everywhere. As a result, people are increasingly looking for careers with a dependable paycheck rather than creative independence. Below is a look at five of the best job choices in today’s economy.

Looking for Job Security- What Careers are on the Rise

1. Teacher in Public Schools

As with other government jobs, teaching positions can offer significant security for those with a calling to impart knowledge. Even high-powered executives have been seen leaving their formerly cushy careers to teach at public schools. Although some school systems have been forced to lay off teachers, laws in many states have maintained the option of tenure for teachers who stay in their jobs for a few years.


2. Registered Nurse

Nursing is still considered to be recession-proof as people need medical care regardless of the economy. Nursing jobs can’t be sent overseas, and the field continues to grow in spite of layoffs in certain areas. Opportunities will increase as baby boomers get older and need more healthcare.


3. Construction Work

Now that construction work is on the rise again, more people are entering construction careers. Skilled trades, such as plumbing and welding, are among the best-paying and most popular in this category. In addition, an increased national focus on infrastructure is fostering jobs in fields such as linework and asphalt maintenance. Grand Rapids residents are gaining an edge in these areas through technical education and apprenticeships.


4. Air Traffic Controller

One of the most stressful jobs out there, this position also offers more security than many others. Workers who meet the rigorous standards can count on probably keeping a job even if fewer people choose to fly. Although contract disputes have arisen in recent years, careers for air traffic controllers can often last for decades.


5. Federal Judge

This lofty position may not be in the sights of many people, but those who become federal judges will delight in lifetime tenure. Not only does this perk prevent interests from overtaking federal judges, but it also ensures that the best legal professionals are driven to seek these positions. By contrast, most judges only serve for terms ranging from four to six years in length.


Even during a recession, work can be found by those with the qualifications and drive to make things happen. The jobs listed above are among the most likely to offer security in an age of economic uncertainty. Savvy citizens from coast to coast are seeking training to enter these fields and make higher income long into the future.

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