Jun 14

In Between Jobs? What to do with Your Equipment

Sometimes there are gaps in between jobs for skilled workers. As a painter, a painter may work continuously for two months then be without a job assignment for several weeks. During the time without a job assignment, workers need to store their equipment for reasons such as protection from weather damage, protection from thieves, easy access whenever needed, and preserving the equipment’s lifespan.

Moreover, when looking for a location to store equipment, workers should remember a few helpful tips such as where to store equipment, when to store equipment, and how to store equipment.In Between Jobs What to do with Your Equipment

Where to Store Equipment

Many skilled laborers make the mistake of storing their equipment under houses and in garages. These are normally bad places to store equipment because of the potential for extreme heat, cold, or moisture over an extended period of time, which can cause significant damage to the equipment along with the possibility of theft in unsecured locations.

A great alternative to these locations is self-storage. Typically, there is a monthly storage fee; however, in comparison to the potential damage to equipment or the possibility of theft, the cost is reasonable. Consider a reputable self-storage company such as Phoenix AZ self storage, which can be found online at http://www.extraspace.com/Storage/Facilities/US/Tennessee/Cordova/900134/Facility.aspx.

When to Store Equipment

It is a good idea to store equipment over an extended time period. However, equipment accessibility is very important to workers, so a good method to determine when to store equipment is to base storage on the amount of time the equipment will need to be stored. If paying for storage, at least two weeks should be a starting point for the amount of time the equipment should be stored, and special attention should be paid to the paperwork signed concerning storage. In case the equipment is needed very soon, people should avoid signing paperwork that contains penalty fees for taking equipment out of storage before a specific length of time.

How to Store Equipment

Storing equipment is a task that should be carefully handled. Therefore, people should cover the equipment to protect it from possible situations that might occur while in storage. In addition, the equipment should be stored upright or placed on something to keep the equipment directly off the floor. This will provided added protection for the equipment.

Equipment is an important asset for many workers. For some workers, getting jobs depends on having the proper equipment available to complete the jobs. Therefore, the storage of their equipment is an important matter that should be taken very seriously.

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