Jan 22

How to Prevent Injury in Machine Related Employment

Everyone working around machinery is at risk of sustaining serious injuries. Some injuries are caused by inattention to details. Others are caused by faulty machinery. Recovering from these injuries could require months or years of treatment. Employers should take every precaution possible to protect workers. Several steps will help to prevent machine-related injuries in the workplace.How to Prevent Injury in Machine Related Employment

Enforce Workplace Safety Practices

The first step should be to enforce all workplace safety practices whether they are federally mandated or developed locally. This should include wearing all necessary personal protective equipment and following safety protocols when near machinery. Employees who violate or ignore safety practices should be disciplined. This will prevent many injuries caused by careless operation or lack of protective equipment.

Install Guards in Key Areas

Any potentially dangerous areas or parts of machinery should be covered with a fitted guard. This should include exposed drivelines, gears and chains. Guards should be put into place over any parts that could cause entrapment or entanglement. Guards will help to prevent injuries around machinery by providing a physical barrier between workers and dangerous components.

Have All Machinery Inspected Regularly

Malfunctioning or aging machinery can be one of the largest dangers in any workplace. Even workers following correct safety regulations are in danger if a component suddenly breaks or cracks. Regular inspections and maintenance are the solution. By calling professionals with expertise in civil engineering in Atlanta at sealimitedbaltimore.com businesses can ensure all machinery is operating safely and within correct tolerances. Regular inspections and maintenance can prevent a large number of injuries over time.

Maintain the Work Environment

Some impact, contact or ejection injuries are caused by an improperly maintained working environment. The workplace needs to be kept clean and safe. Floors should be kept clear of debris, tools and wires. All of the areas around machinery should be brightly lit. Danger spots should be clearly marked with signage and lines on floors or walls. Maintaining the work environment will prevent injuries that could occur because of trips or falls.

Scheduled Safety Training

It is important to have scheduled safety trainings for all new and existing employees. No new employee should skip the training just because of previous work experience. All existing employees should have refresher trainings in order to go over best practices and look at any new safety regulations. Scheduled trainings make certain every worker on the floor has the exact same knowledge about safety. Trainings prevent injuries around machinery by keeping employees informed and aware of common dangers.

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