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How to Make Your Homes Resonate With Peace and Harmony

Feng shui in English means wind & water. It believes in wind and water sources, as the carrier of energy. It also states that there is a constant energy flow through every single thing, be it water, air, homes, animals or anything else.


It is believed that if strong feng shui treatment is given to your house, life becomes blessed, opportunities start to strike you, pleasant surprises take place and everything starts to fall in places. Therefore, other than paying heed to Interior decoration and aesthetics of home, attention on intuitive Feng shui art is also been given to bring fortune, happiness and luck around.


A well-built Feng shui foundation is considered as a catalyst to enhance prosperity, health, wealth and happiness in the lives of those living in that home. The aim of this system is to place house objects in such a way that they let out uninterrupted flow of positive energy across the rooms. It helps to attract fortune. The appearance, positioning of house objects and the suitable construction are the elements that the Feng Shui system plays with.


It does not require you to have in-depth knowledge about Feng shui to perform it in your home. You can have it by making petty changes to the arrangements of objects in your house. The factors to be considered are –



It is the key factor that you let fresh air flow inside your house, as it is believed that it brings positivity to your home. Windows and proper ventilation system should be there in every room of the house including bathroom, kitchen, store room etc. Each day windows should be kept open to allow wind in for some time.



The entrance is a main welcome door to the positive flow of energy, it should be carefully designed. You must avoid any blockages or hindrances such as shoe rack, coat hanger etc near it. It may hamper the smooth flow of energy into your house and also would make your living room look like more of a store room. The arrangements of objects should de-clutter the way. It can be done by rearranging or removing of garbage bins, plants and pots, briefcase cupboard etc. Also, to avoid any evil energy or negativity letting in your house, a small mirror is advised to be mounted on the wall against the inside of entrance.


Avoid the Mess

Avoiding the mess means to de clutter the unwanted objects lying in the rooms. This is advised because the flow of energy should be continuous, in order to let it spread all across your home. If you have a messy place with unwanted objects lying around, then the purpose won’t be met, as they would hinder the flow. It is better to discard those items which you do not use rather than storing them in cabinets, store rooms and attics.


Use of Colors

Feng shui not only lets the positive energy flow in your home, but it also beautifies your home. Paint your walls with the color you like the most. Pick the most appropriate shade for your drapes, sofas, curtains, cushions, bed sheets etc. To choose that benefitting appropriate shade, you can take the help of Feng shui color spectrum, Feng Shui calculator and Bagua (energy map). The right shade & color hue helps to harmonize and balance the space by re flowing spectrum of bright colors.


Rearrange Furnishings & Furniture

It is merely advised, so that the arrangement of furniture & furnishings creates open space for the energy to flow in. You must even eradicate the useless equipments that is most of the times just laid and eats the space of your floor. The fitting and positioning of lights must be widely reflective with high and glowing ceilings, but avoid very strong ones that may be irritating. Showpieces and decors must be chosen sensibly, giving out a positive meaning and representation.

Market is flooded with Feng shui decor items. You can try placing just few of them by choosing the authentic ones. Besides, use soothing musical instruments to accord melody and harmony.


Water Element

Apart from air, water also helps to let the energy flow around. Water decor items must be used to let the Feng shui system win through. You can keep small or large Aquariums in rooms. If you do not have space or maintenance capability, then even a small pot of goldfish can be kept. Pets such as goldfish is considered to bring good luck in the home, but it is advised not place them in your bedroom. Furthermore, fountains are also an option for medium or large houses. If you already have it, then make sure it is cleansed regularly and is used often.


Author’s Bio: William Ray is a lifestyle belief, and millions of people from across the world have a lot of faith in its teachings. It has helped many houses feel the resonance of peace and harmony. William also writes on other home renovation topics like Woodworm Treatment.

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