Mar 17

Handyman Magic: Four Steps to Take When Renovating a Home

You are ready to begin renovating your house, and there are certain steps you should follow when you start the process. Keep the following in mind as you transform your residence into the perfect home that you have always envisioned.

Safety First

Before, during and after the renovations, safety should always be a major consideration. Plan ahead to ensure that areas that are being worked on are marked with caution tape. Invest in other supplies such as fire extinguishers, wet floor signs, a first aid kit, and appropriate signage that will alert individuals to problem areas. Cover any holes or uneven flooring that may cause stumbles and falls. Keep all chemicals and cleaning supplies tightly closed and out of the reach of children.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Always be sure to have exactly what you need on hand before you begin. The better equipped you are, the faster and more efficient the process will be. For example, new truck beds, like those available from Hillsboro Industries, can help you haul materials for your next project. They can also help protect your vehicle from serious wear and tear. They will give you a smoother, quieter ride as you dispose of your refuse. They can also be easily cleaned and maintained.

Ask for References

Ask vendors for references before hiring them for the individual plumbing, electrical and construction aspects of the renovations. Follow up by speaking to the homeowners who have used their services. Ask questions as to the quality and cost of the work done on their homes.

Get All Details in Writing and Document Progress

When taking on the many tasks of renovating, it is very important to get all details in writing. Get contracts from all vendors and take notes on everything you have in process. Issues such as time frame, cost, labor, and down time of the area should be addressed before beginning an aspect of the project. Take pictures of the interior walls before sheet rock goes up. Before, during and after photos of the entire time period will provide you with details for your next renovation project.

There is nothing so constant as change, so be flexible during the planning and construction phase of a renovation. Allow extra time for unexpected issues and problems, and know that there are often unexpected and often costly findings during any type of home remodeling project. Renovating your home does not have to be an extreme challenge. Taking these simple steps will have you well on your way to completing a successful project with reduced stress and anxiety. Use the experience as a learning tool, so the next time you must undergo a similar project, you will be well prepared both mentally and financially.

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