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Four Ways that Wearing a Uniform Improves Your Job Performance

Whether you’re joining the uniformed workforce or considering entering the armed forces, you may be wondering what the purpose of a uniform is. Sure, it helps that a group of uniformed people are easy to identify as belonging to the same group or unit, but what can a uniform do for you as an individual? Some university studies have shown that wearing a uniform can positively affect the brain. Here are four of the ways that suiting up into your issued apparel can work to your benefit:

A Uniform Promotes a sense of Solidarity and Identity

One of the best things a uniform does for you is give you a sense of identity. Though this may seem unlikely, given that uniforms make everyone look similar, it is through this similarity that a group of uniformed individuals become a community. A sense of belonging to a group is essential to the well-being of the human mind, as the knowledge that one is protected by their group reduces stress. The expectation of the individual to promote the group’s interests also provides a sense of purpose and responsibility.

A Uniform Instills Pride In Oneself

Several studies have established that wearing a uniform causes the brain to release chemicals linked to the feelings of pride and accomplishment. Many police officers and members of the armed forces have reported that putting on their uniform makes them proud to be who they are. As an additional benefit, this pride and satisfaction trickles into other aspects of life, often helping the uniformed individual become more confident and self-assured in their other pursuits.

A Uniform Can Make You Better At Your Job

A Kellogg University study has shown some links to a police officer’s uniform and their effectiveness in the field. For some officers, wearing the uniform helps make them more assertive, commanding, and more likely to keep a cool head in tough situations. Of course, while this doesn’t necessarily happen for everyone wearing a uniform, a uniform stands out, and observers will recognize the uniform as a sign of authority and will often extend to its wearer the respect it commands.

Uniforms Can Trick Your Brain Into Being More Health Conscious

This goes hand in hand with feeling pride in who you are. When you don a uniform, your brain feels as though it belongs to something special. Many police officers have reported that since becoming a member of the force they have been more health-minded and have taken better care of themselves. Officers have reported better hygiene standards, exercise patterns, better food choices, and altogether smaller waistlines. Whether it’s the pride of the uniform or the health regulations that sometimes accompany it, the brain knows that this is something that should be taken care of.

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