May 13

Five Ways Technology has Changed the Way We Work

Five Ways Technology has Changed the Way We WorkMany parts of the history of the world are measured by the technological developments of the time. Modern technology has been progressing faster than any time in history. It has quickly connected the world through mobile devices, satellites and a global data network. Current technologies have changed the way we work in a number of ways.


5. Digital Infrastructures


Most offices now use digital lines for phone service and interoffice systems. This is possible because the majority of the transmission lines and switching stations have been converted to digital technology over the last two decades. Digital offices allow the use of advanced multi-line phones or computers when making calls. A business Internet plan that includes a single tier one (T1) cable can support two dozen voice lines along with a digital Internet connection. This has made using options such as voicemail, conference calling and other features much more common and convenient. It also allows offices to provide individual lines for workstations without having to install extensive custom hardware.


4. Decentralization


Cloud-based services are creating offices that are completely decentralized. This means that no digital data is tied to the physical location. People in the office connect to remote cloud systems through a simple Internet connection and a basic software client. This has changed the way average people work dramatically. It is now very easy to work from home or to outsource positions. Workers never need to step foot in the office since all data and software is available online. This has also made it easier for a single company to maintain small offices in many locations around the world.


3. Automated Services


Technology has changed the workplace by providing a variety of automated services. An intranet gives all employees access to an extensive database of common information that can be retrieved in just a few seconds. The same process might have taken hours or days with a physical filing system. Automated services through technology are also allowing customers to find answers or resolve customer service issues without having to interact with an agent. Automation of services through the Internet and computer devices gives employees a connection to the entire business from a single point.


2. Improved Productivity


Technology has changed the way that workers in nearly every industry perform normal daily duties. Individuals from warehouse pickers to medical professionals start and end most activities by accessing a computer or mobile device. Additionally, software suites have eliminated the need for many intermediary positions. This gives each single worker the ability to perform a wider variety of functions. The result is an increase in efficiency. Workers continue to increase personal productivity as technology becomes smaller, easier to use and more powerful.


1. Better Analytics


Technology has changed the way managers, executives and consultants perform work. Nearly every part of a business can now be tracked through key pieces of software and hardware. This data is often collected in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. These systems allow any authorized person to assemble reports or analytical data very quickly using the latest numbers. The system is constantly updated so that it provides real-time data. This has allowed businesses and managers to make fast staffing, workflow and policy adjustments in order to respond to the changing analytical data during the day.

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