May 13

Five Companies That Show They Care About Their Employees

Five Companies That Show They Care About Their EmployeesMany modern companies are beginning to offer employees nontraditional perks as a way to create and retain loyalty among workers. In the past, benefits such as health and life insurance as well as competitive salaries were used to entice the best employees. Although those things still play a valuable role in the creation of a productive and happy employee base, some creative employers are thinking outside of the traditional box when it comes to dreaming up ways to spoil their employees. If you are looking for a position in a company that offers perks specific to their own unique corporate culture, learning more about Domo will help you achieve that goal. Following are five successful companies that offer unusual benefits to their workers.




It’s been proven repeatedly that the best employees are those who believe in and appreciate a company’s products and services, so it comes as no surprise that working for Burton is a snowboarder’s dream job. Burton closes its offices when snow levels reach two or more feet, leaving employees free to enjoy the day playing in the powder. During the summer months, this company closes early on Fridays so that employees can get a head start on their weekend fun.




Silicon Valley’s Asana not only offers employees free yoga sessions but extends the offer to one friend per employee. Organic lunches and dinners specifically tailored to employee dietary preferences are served on a daily basis. Asana also provides traditional benefits such as vision, dental and health insurance.




This company that offers cloud-based solutions to its customers also has given new meaning to the term “paid vacations.” Not only do employees receive full pay for vacation time, but the company kicks in an extra $7,500 dollars to be spend on those vacations. Employees must agree to completely disconnect from the workplace in order to receive this money.


Caribou Coffee


Caribou Coffee employees probably get all the free coffee that they can drink, but top performers also receive watermelons rather than mundane appreciation plaques or certificates.


Clif Bar


This energy-bar producing company looks more like state-of-the-art fitness center than a corporate workplace. Bikes, canoes, kayaks and surfboards are all available for employee use. Five certified trainers and nutritionists are also on staff to assist employees with diet and exercise needs. This company also features dance and yoga studios and provides each employee with two-and-a-half hours per week of paid fitness time.

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