Aug 19

Car Guys: 5 Tools You Can Use to Help You be More Efficient in Your Shop

Many shop tools for tires are available in stores. The best tools, such as a tire calculator, can increase project efficiency.


Tire Pressure Value

Keeping the correct tire pressure is just as important as a car tune-up. The benefits may also be better due to economy reasons. The tires last longer, the car saves fuel, handling improves, and accidents are reduced when the pressure is tested. Failure to maintain your tire pressure is not recommended.

Tires do a lot of work for the car, but they generally do not show any wear and tear. Through the process of permeation, tire lose pressure each day. Each month, a tire will lose one or two pounds. The air flows from tires faster on hot days. While driving in the vehicle, sudden impacts also reduce tire pressure. Because of these issues, refilling your tires should be as important as refilling your gas tank. Generally, this method could be a reminder. Each time you get gas, remember to check your tire pressure.

Car Jacks

The most important tool every shop owner must have is a car jack. Generally, car companies include car jacks in the cars, but sometimes the jacks are lost during the process of selling cars to customers. Each jack must be the proper size of the specific vehicle for safety reasons. The main function of a jack is to lift a specific area of the vehicle. This is done to change tires and for standard maintenance projects. Most jacks are designed to lift one area; however, large jacks can lift the entire front or back of the car. This is ideal for tire changing jobs.

Air Compressor

Air compresses are needed by shop owners because tires will lose air over time. Air compressors contain compressed air, and it is mainly use to put air in deflated tires. The benefits of compressed air is the machine does all the work. Most air compressor use a little amount of energy.

General Tire And Wheel Cleaners

There are tons of wheel cleaners around, but the best are water-based and non-acidic. This is important because these factors reduce etching and spotting. Long term damage can be prevented by cleaning the wheels. Cleaning your wheels removes brake dust and soil.

Tire Detailing Tools

General tire detailing tools include items, such as wheel brushes and tire swipes. Detailing tools are recommended because they improve the quality of your wheels.

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