Jul 10

Blue Collar Jobs That Won’t Break Your Back

Has the recent recession got you thinking about getting out of your traditional office job? Do you find yourself dreaming of a job where you can actually see what is going on outside rather than staring at the fluorescent light above you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


Thousands of people every year switch from their boring, white collar office jobs to more fulfilling jobs as blue collar workers. If you’ve considered such a move, take a look at the following blue collar jobs that won’t break your back:


Elevator Repairmen

While you likely have never seen them at work, elevator repairmen perform routine maintenance on elevators and escalators, and heed the call of their employer when a unit breaks down. While this job may be more dangerous than other blue collar jobs because you’re working around live electricity, the work is less labor-intensive than other jobs. You will need extensive training and will have to be certified by your state of residence, but the average salary for an elevator repairman is $74,000 per year.


Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

If you love to fly then maybe the field of aircraft maintenance is right for you. Aircraft technicians inspect, repair and maintain a wide variety of aircraft, including commercial airliners, helicopters and privately owned units. While this blue collar job requires more education than other career paths do, the average annual salary of $54,500 is well worth the investment of time and money. Aircraft maintenance can be a complex career to get into. It may be best to head to your local community college’s home page to find out more about how to train for this type of job.


Commercial Divers

If sweating isn’t an option for you but you still yearn to work outdoors, finding a job as a commercial diver may be the way to go. Commercial divers work under water to inspect, repair and maintain a variety of equipment and structures. To become successful in this industry, you must at least obtain an associate’s degree in marine biology or a related field. The average salary for someone employed as a commercial diver is $58,000 per year. Considering the type of work involved, this may be the perfect opportunity for someone looking to change careers.


Professional Transportation Workers

The folks that operate your daily commuter train into the big city may be making more than you do. The average salary for a commuter train operator is $59,000 per year. Subway and commuter train workers operate their trains on a set track following a specific schedule. They ensure that the train is running properly and follows emergency protocol when necessary.


If you’re looking for a blue collar job that definitely won’t break your back, this career is the one for you.


Transportation Inspectors

Transportation inspectors are responsible for inspecting vehicles, aircraft, trains and ships to ensure that all operators are in compliance with federal and state transportation laws. Similar to commuter train operators, transportation inspectors are government employees. If you love to be outdoors but don’t want to break a sweat while working, this $65,000 a year job is perfect for you.


Pest Control

You can always look into pest control for a job as well. They have jobs for just about everything you can think of depending on the company you are working for. You can be a sales man, account manager or installation specialist. It would be a great field to look into for just about anyone. You can visit the home page of a pest control company for more information.

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