Nov 27

6 Rules for Building Your Reputation in a Service Industry

6 Rules for Building Your Reputation in a Service Industry picWhen you are in the service business, your reputation is all you have. If you don’t have a good reputation, your business will quickly fail. On the other hand, a strong reputation will build your business quickly and help to ensure its success. If you want to thrive in the service industry, then follow these six smart tips for building your reputation.



1. Resolve Customers’ Problems Quickly


When your customer experiences a problem, you need to respond to their concerns as quickly as possible. There is no better way to build your reputation than to make a customer feel valued. Even if it takes some extra expense, correcting dissatisfaction quickly will prevent a lot of headaches for you. When you quickly satisfy a customer’s concerns, you will most likely have created a lifelong customer.



2. Online Presence


If you want to survive in the 21st century, your company needs to have a strong online presence. This includes creating and maintaining social media profiles on services like Twitter and Facebook. You can use these avenues to interact with customers. Whenever a customer asks a question or voices a concern on your company’s social media account, it is a chance to build your reputation with a thoughtful response. Most people won’t expect to see that there are no complaints about you online; instead, they typically will look for how you handle those complaints. Doing so quickly and professionally will raise people’s opinion of your brand.



3. Always Keep Your Promises


Whenever you promise a customer something, you need to do everything you necessary to in order to keep that promise. Kept promises enhance your reputation, but broken promises will quickly destroy it. If it is not possible to keep a promise or schedule made, be sure to inform the client as soon as is reasonable and provide full information about why the original agreement can’t be met.



4. Use Reliable Marketing Strategies


If you want to build your reputation quickly, then use a direct mail marketing strategy to target your customers in their homes. For example, veterinarians can use Pet Marketing to send out postcards to announce specials for their customers.


Dentists will also benefit from using direct mail marketing. They can use a company like 123Postcards to send out reminders about teeth cleaning services to their patients. No matter what your business is, direct mail is a powerful way to reach local customers. You can also try proven local mediums like radio and newspaper ads.



5. Customer Satisfaction


The best way to build your reputation is to always satisfy your customers. If you want to know if your customers are satisfied, then give them the chance to tell you. The best way to do this is to give them surveys in which they can express their satisfaction levels with your business. This quick feedback will allow you to carefully look at these surveys to identify areas that you can improve upon to build your company’s reputation.



6. Offer Specials


Nothing makes customers happier than feeling like they are getting great value for the money they spend. One of the best ways to ensure this feeling is to regularly offer specials to your valued customers. Don’t just give discounts to new customers. Offer extra discounts to repeat customers to increase their loyalty and build your reputation.


In a service industry, reputation is huge. Especially if you operate in a small local market, one mishandled customer complaint can sink your business. Use these 6 tips to prevent a PR catastrophe and keep your reputation as sterling as it deserves to be.

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