Sep 30

Three Physical Changes to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

Foot traffic toward your business is as important as ever. With online vendors attracting customers and increasing competition from other firms in one’s area, stores and other businesses need to highlight themselves so they can stand out. There a three physical changes you can make to your small business to help it stand out from competitors and increase your foot traffic. Three Physical Changes to Make Your Small Business Stand Out

1. Sign Lighting

Signs to a business are obvious, the real concern is how well does the sign attract customers. Signs should be well designed and have an attractive, eye-popping look. But, beyond that, signs should have proper lighting. This is especially true if your store is open later, such as hours after 6 PM. When there is proper and bright sign lighting with http://www.alightingstore.com, then people walking around the neighborhood or downtown area will have their eyes focused on the sign in the nighttime environment. Always maintain this lighting system as well. Any blown-out light or a failing electrical circuit should be repaired or replaced immediately. Having the sign light off will convey a level of unprofessionalism.

2. Painting and Windows

If your existing business has chipped paint or an unappealing, old-style look, you might need new paint and window shades to brighten up the store. New paint, or even new siding, will make your store look like a new establishment. Shades can liven up the window displays and make people walking by pay attention to what your store might sell. One issue that many business owners run into is they might pick the flashiest and most vibrant colors for their store. However, this is a mistake. What the new paint job and window shades should convey is a new narrative about your store. In addition, the paint job and new window shades should make your business look different from competitors in your area. Try to compare and contrast your competitors and neighbors in the area and go for a color scheme that is different. This will help your store become recognizable and memorable.

3. Narratives

This may be harder to pull off, but depending on your business, you can try to tell a story related to your small business. Say your business sells yarn and other clothes-making material. You could display in the store front area near the sidewalk a small statue. What this does is tell a story about your story and explicitly sells your niche. All of these narrative tools will need to be contemplated by every business owner since each will be different. But, having a physical product outside, whether on your door, on your window display, on your siding, on your sign, or in front of your store, will tell a story about your business.

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