Dec 23

The 10 Essentials for Acing Your Job Interview

aceing job interviewGoing to a job interview can be an incredibly stressful process, but being prepared can make you feel a little more comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’ll perform better in the interview and have a better chance of getting the job.


1. A well-groomed appearance

Men should ensure that they shave properly with a razor, such as those provided by The Art of Shaving, prior to their interview, and women may want to pull back their hair for a more professional appearance.

2. The proper attire

Don’t be afraid to overdress. Women and men alike need to dress in formal business attire during a job interview, even if the job itself does not have a dress code.

3. A map and directions

It’s very important that you have both a map and directions to your interview and that you give yourself enough time to get there.

4. The right timing

Many people falsely believe that they should get to an appointment very early. This is not true. Getting to an appointment more than 5 or 10 minutes early is usually considered impolite.

5. Research

Always do as much research on the job and the company before actually going to the interview. Not only will this be taken as a sign of initiative, but it will also let you know early on if it might not be a job that you’ll enjoy.

6. References

You should bring your list of references to every job interview, but you shouldn’t stop there. Always let your references know when they might be called. Otherwise they might not answer or might be caught off guard.

7. Reliable transportation

Don’t simply assume that your plans will work out. It’s very important that you have reliable transportation to get to an interview. Otherwise you could end up at the mercy of the public transit system.

8. A primer

If your job is based on a specific field — such as accounting or information technology — you should always read a primer regarding your job before an interview. There may be technical questions that you’ll be asked.

9. Business cards

If you’re a professional, it’s very helpful to have business cards with you. You can get business cards printed out cheaply online.

10. Questions

Interviewers love it when people have questions for them regarding the position. Prepare at least five questions before going to the interview about benefits, job culture and more.


Above all, you should always be confident and personable when you are going to a job interview. Having a confident demeanor and poise will tell the interviewer that you are ready for the job.

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