Oct 28

Spread the Word: 5 Things that Will Generate Excitement About Your Product

Can you hear me?One of the keys to a successful product launch, and to future sales, is creating excitement about the item. This involves some strategic marketing in order to get average consumers interested in the brand and the product. Even the best items will have only moderate sales if there is no buzz from consumers in the target market. Five strategies will help to generate excitement about a new product.


Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns


A very effective way to create excitement about a product is to start a guerrilla marketing campaign. These campaigns can use traditional advertising channels, social media or viral videos. The idea is to slowly introduce a product over time. Guerrilla campaigns introduce solutions to problems without fully showing the product until the launch date draws near.


Hold a Launch Event


A well-advertised launch event will create excitement about a product. The event should be in a larger venue with some entertainment, with the brand and product on display everywhere. If your budget does not allow for this type of marketing, setting up at a local fair or tradeshow can have a great effect, especially if you offer customized HALO tradeshow products imprinted with your company name, contact details and even your booth number at the event.


Distribute Promotional Items


Distributing promotional items weeks before a launch will generate excitement about a product as well as awareness in the larger market. Giving away branded calendars, like those available at http://www.halo.com/promo-calendars/personalized-pocket-calendars.aspx, will make anyone looking at the pages curious about the product every single day. Promotional items also increase familiarity with the brand, which can translate into consumer trust over time.


Public Relations


Sending the product and associated information to reviewers, media outlets or other professionals can generate a large amount of excitement. Persistent public relations efforts normally result in articles, reviews, and videos describing the new product. This type of public relations can reach a broad audience through channels not available to every business. This is an especially effective strategy when dealing with niche markets or new electronics.


Give Away Free Samples


Another way to generate excitement about a product is to get it on the street and in the hands of average consumers. Giving away free samples of the item to a select group of people will make the product visible on the street, in homes and at workplaces. This will create strong word-of-mouth referrals. The consumers using the product also become free advertisers who can explain the positive aspects of the item in very clear terms.


It is always important to take active steps to create excitement around a product or a product launch. Businesses should never rely on consumers to suddenly realize the value of a product without some marketing and advertising help. The most critical part of generating excitement is creating anticipation in potential customers.

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