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How to Refurbish and Maintain Your Pool deck

Relaxing under the sun, a pool at your side and a drink in your hand is a popular pastime for many lovers of the summertime. In just a couple short months, it will be the perfect time of the year for poolside lounging. If you are a proud above ground pool owner, you will likely find yourself eager to maximize the life of your pool deck. Doing so is actually quite easy if you start your summer with a deck maintenance procedure. By tending to your deck annually, you can not only beautify your deck, making it a more comfortable place to relax, but also likely extend the life of this pool surround, saving yourself money.

Maintain your pool deck now, and lounge all summer long!

Spring Cleaning

Just as many scrub down the interiors of their homes come spring, cleaning your deck should become a springtime habit. Your deck has been exposed to winter weather and likely looks tired and dirty. As the snow melts away, head outside and give your deck a good scrub down to ready it for summer use. To clean your deck quickly and effectively, scrub down the surface with a course bristled broom and some liquid deck wash. Spray away the dirt you loosen through your scrubbing with a garden hose. If this doesn’t prove sufficient to clean your deck to your liking, follow it up with a spray down with a power washer, blasting away any unruly dirt that failed to give in to your scrubbing. After this simple cleaning, your deck will be all ready for summertime use.
Seasonal Inspection

After cleaning your deck, give it a once over to ensure that it isn’t in need of repair. If your deck is crafted of wood, look specifically for any splintering pieces of wood that may not last the summer. Also look for protruding nails that could prove hazardous to those who come over to enjoy your above ground pool. Replace any nails that have started to protrude with new ones, pounding them firmly into place until they are level with the deck surface. Tend to any boards that look overly worn, removing and replacing them with new pieces of pressure-treated lumber to revamp, and improve the safety of your deck surface.
Rust Removal

If the deck surrounding your above ground pool is metal, it may be prone to rusting. At the start of the summer season, look for, and treat, rust spots. Travel around the perimeter of your deck keeping your eyes peeled for unsightly rust. If you spot some, sand it away with a fine-grit sandpaper. Treat the once-rust-covered spot with a layer of rust-preventing coating, or apply a rust-resistant paint to seal up the surface and prevent the re-development of rust in that same spot. Not only will this simple maintenance procedure improve the look of your deck, it will also help secure the structural integrity of the deck, as after time, un-tended-to rust can eat away at your deck.


Decks made of wood are prone to showing water damage if not properly tended to. Particularly if your deck surrounds an above ground pool and, as a result, will often be wet, sealing your deck is a must. If your deck is new and has never been sealed, apply several coats of sealant to the surface, allowing the sealant to dry between each coat. If your deck has been sealed in the past, but the sealant appears to have worn, sand away the old layer of sealant and apply a new one, reducing the impact that the water from your pool, and from summer rain showers, will have on your deck.

If the sun that beat down last summer has left your deck looking bleached, consider re-staining it as a way of updating the deck and giving it a fresh look for summer. To re-stain your deck, remove old sealant by power washing and sanding the deck surface, sweep down the deck carefully to remove any debris, then apply a new coat or two of stain. If you were happy with the look of your deck last year, you can apply a stain in the same hue. If you seek something new, select a different color stain and change your look entirely. Follow up this re-staining with a fresh coat of sealant.
Slip Resistance

Your deck should not only be beautiful, but also safe. Because the deck that surrounds your above ground pool will likely often be wet, it can be a slick, and potentially dangerous, surface. To reduce this issue, apply strips of slip-resistant tape to the deck surface. For a more aesthetically pleasing option, apply a coating of slip resistant paint, covering either the entire deck or just the area surrounding the pool. Slip resistant coating contains small particles of sand, creating a rough surface and making the deck one that is safer for use. Because this coating comes in an array of colors, you can select one to fit your deck aesthetic.

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