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Aug 04

Best rated California State Companies

Are you looking for the best service companies in California? The Best of list includes construction companies, landscapers, and even lawyers. Here are the top rated companies for California State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. Whilshire Appliance Repair Great …

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Jul 26

Best Washington State companies from MyLaborJOB customer reviews

Here are the top rated companies for Washington State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. These companies are featured as part of the Best Of Series from STEPHEN GROUP INTERNATIONAL  We hired Stephen Group International for security for a VIP …

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Mar 18

Like Working With Your Hands? 6 Careers To Consider

Employment experts agree that for long-term job satisfaction workers should pursue careers that suit their personalities and skills. And in this every growing technology age many of those you take enjoyment from working with think there are less avenues for them to make a career. But that couldn’t be more far from the truth. So …

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Oct 09

Five Things You Can Do Now For a Greener Lawn Next Year

To have a lawn that is the envy of your neighbors takes dedicated effort. You need to fertilize, give regular maintenance, mow properly and take care of any problems when they arise. Here are five things you can start doing now to improve your lawn.   1. Aerating Aerating is the process that allows air …

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Aug 26

Handy Men Wanted: 5 Jobs to Get You Outside and Working With Your Hands

When you’re tired of the office grind, put on a pair of work boots and get outside. Working a job that requires stamina and dexterity is a great way to stay in shape and pay the bills. Take a look at a few outside jobs that will keep you moving mentally and physically all day …

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Aug 07

Five Tips For a Career In Logistics

One of the career fields that has seen recent growth has been the field of logistics. The movement of goods from Point A to Point B has many steps, and those who are able to successfully contribute to this process can have a good career ahead of them. Landing a great career in the field …

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Jul 25

Five Things Every Handyman Needs

They say that a worker is only as good as his tools. While this is true, for the professional handyman there are other “tools” to keep in mind other than just hammers, nails, and pairs of pliers. And don’t forget the best tool of all: good customer service. Actual Tools Are Important None of this …

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Mar 20

Three Home Repairs that Will Save Money in the Long Run

Home repairs can be expensive, and it’s normal for people to put them off in an effort to save money. While you can let a fading or stained carpet slide for a while, there are other home repairs that should be at the top of your list. Here are three important repairs that should be …

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Jan 29

The Benefits of Having a Bird Table or Bird House in Your Garden

A birdhouse or table in your garden can help you create your own little sanctuary for birds. You can bring nature to you and enjoy watching the many species of birds that visit the home and offerings that you provide them with in your garden. Having nature around you can be soothing and therapeutic for …

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Dec 31

Have a healthy and prosperous 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve from We hope you are taking the time to enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. Be safe, be smart and may 2013 bring you lots of joy. We wish for you and your family a healthy and prosperous New Year. Tweet This Post

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