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Mar 29

Simple Ways To Get The Education Needed For A Career Change

Getting additional education to start a new career has never been easier, thanks to technology and the implementation of more flexible education programs. It’s very important to have a plan and consider your position and all of your options before you commit to anything, but pursuing a career change can revitalize your career and you. …

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Aug 21

Hands On Jobs – 6 Jobs for Those Who Can’t Sit at a Desk

As a youngster, many people dream of a job where they are on their feet running to and fro, making decisions, and getting things done. The idea of sitting at a desk never enters their mind, at least not until reality sets in. As people grow older, they frequently turn to a deskbound life with …

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Aug 04

Best rated California State Companies

Are you looking for the best service companies in California? The Best of list includes construction companies, landscapers, and even lawyers. Here are the top rated companies for California State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. Whilshire Appliance Repair Great …

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Jul 26

Best Washington State companies from MyLaborJOB customer reviews

Here are the top rated companies for Washington State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. These companies are featured as part of the Best Of Series from STEPHEN GROUP INTERNATIONAL  We hired Stephen Group International for security for a VIP …

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Jun 20

The Nuts And Bolts Of 5 Careers In The Automotive Industry To Consider

A career in the automotive industry can be rewarding, fun, and profitable. Ambitious individuals can attain substantial earnings and learn the invaluable skills of maintaining and operating automobiles. For those considering an automotive career, this article will explain the nuts and bolts of jobs in the industry. 1. Auto Body Professional Each year, millions of …

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May 29

Six Adventurous Jobs You Should Apply For

For many people, finding the right job is one of the most satisfying ways to develop a healthy and happy career. Here are just a few ways to get your foot in the door at the workplace of your dreams. 1.      Graphic Designer With a bit of forward thinking, a job as a graphic designer …

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May 23

Show You’re Tech Savvy: Five Ways to Demonstrate Tech Abilities on Your Resume

Tech skills are becoming more and more necessary in nearly every workplace. Here are five ways to improve your resume by showing your tech skills.   1.   Link to social media accounts Anything professional helps, including a Linkedin account, a professional Google+ Page or a Twitter account. Having a professional online presence at all can …

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May 21

The Six Most Common Workplace Injuries Every Business Should Be Aware Of

On the job injuries are more common than you might think. Statistics show that in America, 3.3 million people on average a year suffer an injury at work that they may never fully recover from. In most cases, these are preventable if we pay close attention to the warning signs and educate our staff on …

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May 19

Employee Recognition: The Best Ways to Show Appreciation for a Job Well Done

Employee recognition is a very important factor in determining the morale of a company, yet it is often overlooked. In order to ensure that employees are motivated to perform well, with the assurance that there will be a reward and a level of appreciation for that effort, it is important for business owners to make …

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May 16

Considering Law As A Career? 5 Prerequisite Classes You’ll Want To Consider Taking

Law is a field that can be very lucrative and rewarding. There are also a lot of areas of law that you can specialize in. You will need to start preparing for your career in law before you start law school. Law is such a broad topic. Maritime, DUI, Family, Real Estate etc.. These are …

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