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Aug 04

Best rated California State Companies

Are you looking for the best service companies in California? The Best of list includes construction companies, landscapers, and even lawyers. Here are the top rated companies for California State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. Whilshire Appliance Repair Great …

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Jul 26

Best Washington State companies from MyLaborJOB customer reviews

Here are the top rated companies for Washington State based on customer provided reviews from the service provider directory. The following companies received customer reviews with the highest ratings. These companies are featured as part of the Best Of Series from STEPHEN GROUP INTERNATIONAL  We hired Stephen Group International for security for a VIP …

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Mar 20

Tips for buying new carpet

      So you are thinking about new carpet and you don’t know where to start.   [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]This is understandable given all the different options to choose from.[/pullquote] Should you go with the cut and loop pile carpet with its varied texture to help hide footprints or perhaps the velvet plush …

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Oct 10

Industry Must Haves: Six Tools Every Builder Needs

Sometimes people must look at the great cathedrals and palaces built during the Middle Ages or the Renaissance and wonder how the builders did it without earth movers, cement mixers, mobility hoists and lifting equipment or even electric drills. Fortunately, builders now have all sorts of equipment to make their jobs just a bit easier …

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Sep 18

Three Home Repairs That Are Better Left To Experts

Home repairs are a constant necessity to keep systems safe and functionally efficiently. Many people are good at do-it-yourself projects, and the wide range of products available at home improvement stores make it easy to complete many repairs yourself. However, some home systems need professional servicing to ensure that they are done in a safe …

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Aug 07

Simple Home Installations That Can Transform Your Home

There comes in a time for most homeowners when the status quo, at least as far as decor is concerned, will simply not suffice any longer. However, a total home transformation or remodel can be difficult to accomplish and often costly. Fortunately, there are some simple ways in which to transform your home without taking …

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Jul 25

Five Things Every Handyman Needs

They say that a worker is only as good as his tools. While this is true, for the professional handyman there are other “tools” to keep in mind other than just hammers, nails, and pairs of pliers. And don’t forget the best tool of all: good customer service. Actual Tools Are Important None of this …

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Jun 24

Blue Collar Work: Seven industries We Still Need

Even with the accepted narrative that manufacturing in the United States is declining along with labor union membership, there are still several labor-intensive industries in the country that need to be filled. These labor jobs are hard to outsource or replace with mechanical technology and computers. Hence, not only are these labor jobs still around …

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Mar 20

Three Home Repairs that Will Save Money in the Long Run

Home repairs can be expensive, and it’s normal for people to put them off in an effort to save money. While you can let a fading or stained carpet slide for a while, there are other home repairs that should be at the top of your list. Here are three important repairs that should be …

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Mar 18

How To Replace A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Image courtesy of Raktim Chatterjee at   If you have moisture remaining in your bathroom for any length of time after a refreshing shower, or if you notice mold or mildew, it is time to take that dreaded step and replace your bathroom exhaust fan. All too often too much moisture and mold can …

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