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Name: Laurie Price
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I have lived on a boat for the past ten years. My current one is a CT 54, which I hope to cruise around the world. I spend a lot of time on maintaining the boat and not enough time sailing her, but soon, I do hope that will change!

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Mar 13

How To Check Your Furnace Heat Exchanger For Leaks

  What Is A Heat Exchanger? A heat exchanger is a device which transfers, or exchanges, heat from one thing to another. In reference to a furnace, or an HVAC system, it has a dual purpose. It keeps any exhaust from entering the living space of your home while allowing the heat from your furnace …

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Jan 19

Fix Damaged Roof Shingles – Without A Contractor

Image Courtesy of Matt Banks / The roof and foundation are the two most important portions of your house. Today is the focus of the roof. Replacing a roof is astronomically costly, but not doing so when it is needed is disastrous. Learn here how to switch out a few shingles that need replacing, …

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Jan 09

How To Check Your Roof For Leaks

Photo credit: Free Digital Photos by Xedos4 Each year, the weather wreaks havoc on your roof. With each spell of ice, small particles are dislodged. The sun itself causes wear and tear. Acid rain promotes decay. Is your roof actually able to stand up to it? With a routine maintenance program, the answer is a …

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Sep 14

Refinish – NOT Replace – Aging Kitchen Cabinets

    If your kitchen cabinets are dingy, but not falling apart, you can give them a facelift for a small amount of money and do it yourself and refinish, not replace your aging kitchen cabinets.. If the cabinets are made of wood or metal, refinishing will be easy. If the material is anything else, …

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Apr 30

How To Install A Pegboard For Your Workshop

Installing a Peg Board Wouldn’t it be really great to walk into your garage or workshop and find just what you need in a matter of seconds? Talk to anyone who fixes things around the house. Invariably the conversation wends its way to organization of the workshop. Perhaps it is time to rectify that and …

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Apr 10

Standby Generators Are An Excellent Backup For An Emergency

    All it takes is once, and you know the benefits of a standby or backup generator. When the power gets knocked out by a big storm or natural disaster, you really don’t know when it will be restored, so playing the role of the boy scout and being prepared may be the way …

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Mar 18

How To Replace A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Image courtesy of Raktim Chatterjee at   If you have moisture remaining in your bathroom for any length of time after a refreshing shower, or if you notice mold or mildew, it is time to take that dreaded step and replace your bathroom exhaust fan. All too often too much moisture and mold can …

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Mar 07

Indoor Air Quality: Remove Major Pollutants in Your Home

Photo credit: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported in 1987 that poor indoor air quality is the fourth most common reason people acquire cancer. The EPA speaks of three types of ventilation and the importance of the air exchange rate. Ventilation exists from leaks around windows and doors, an open window or door, or …

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Feb 15

Eliminating That Pesky Burning Furnace Odor

  Photo Credit:   There are a few reasons why there might be a smoky kind of odor emanating from your furnace. One may be the ventilation system taking it back to the house, instead of venting it outside. Another may be a warning that there are materials in the furnace itself that are …

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Feb 05

HVAC System Maintenance Is Very Important

Winter or summer, your HVAC system is the one item that uses more energy than all others in your home–and perhaps more than all others combined. Therefore, it’s important to keep it in good working condition. These systems are very intricate – there is a low pressure side and a high pressure side. There are …

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