Park Slope Design

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Alison Flesch Landscape Design

I have a simple mission: to express splendor and beauty through landscaping. For me, landscaping is an act of beautiful creation. My intention is to create unique spaces that fit the needs and personalities of each unique client, celebrating the natu...      (MORE)


Whisper Landscape Maintenance, Inc.

Whisper Landscape Maintenance, Inc. was founded upon the goal of improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods by eliminating noise and air pollution associated with conventional lawn maintenance and gardening services. This goal will be atta...      (MORE)


GreenTree Landscaping, Inc.

As GreenTree's CEO and master gardener, Michael Baer does not start designing based on a plant list or what worked well on his last installation. Instead he begins by listening very carefully to your personal hopes, aspirations, frustrations and wis...      (MORE)